Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Movie Review: Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Movie Coming on Friday 12 feb 2016 Before valentines day. In this valentines season krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Releasing alongside Gharam movie hitting to theaters on the same day. After Blockbuster motion picture bhale Mogadivoy Naani accompanying this motion picture krishna gaadi veera prema ghada. This film Audio discharged in January month. You can purchase online ticket in bookmyshow, ticketdada, justticket. So check out here complete Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Movie Review Rating & Live Story Updates.


Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Movie Review & Story Plot

11:49AM: Final Fight sequences takes a lot of time… Nani takes Mahalakshmi and Saves the kids forms the rest of the story line.

11:32AM: Chooses to go with innocent. Way to conclude things..

11:19AM: Hanu opens his trump cards, another surprise chase sequence.. Things are moving fast now.

11:08AM: Ulikkipadaku Song is shot in a retro style… Nani’s attire and styling makes u smile.

11:02AM: Cat and mouse chase sequence to retreat with kids is taking some time. A bit Dragged

10:57AM: The usage of attarintiki daredi scene is aptly utilized by the director.

10:52AM: “Ori Brahma Devudo” song is decently shot. Brahmaji is back again..

10:48AM: Prapancham lo enni bommalu unadaga naaku jessie thagalala… nani

10:45AM: Shravan chase sequence to capture the kids of AcP Srikanth, showcases the talent of Hanu Raghavapudi..

10:41AM: Bikshu Bhai (Fish Venkat) – Prudhvi – Murali Sharma… Police station sequence is funnily shot.

10:38AM: ACP Srikanth gets to know the secret behind Krishna’s escape.

10:33AM: Post Interval… International DOn David (Murli Sharma) is introduced with some flashes..

10:23AM: Nee life lo kastamaina half ayipoyindi raa.. Istamaina half ye migilindi.. Nani… interval..

10:19AM: Ramaraju (Harish) sequence with Shravan in the forest is nicely shot..

10:10AM: Veerendra (Brahmaji) and ACP Srikanth episode at Police Station is hilariously  shot.

10:01AM: Things movie towards the factionism angle.. Post a bloodshed fight sequence… Ramaraju gives an open challenge to krishna..

9:53AM: Movie moves towards romantic sequence, and this triangular love story takes a promising turn.

9:41AM: A special theme song on “Bhayyame” is nicely shot.. The action choreography deserves the total credit.

9:36AM: Krishna (Nani) and Rajesh conversation is funny.

9:28AM: Shivudu Inka maraledu… Yeadava anni telisi kuda varalu isthadu.. : AcP Srikanth (Sampath Kumar)

9:23AM: A solidly picturized melody “Nuvvantu” showcases the childhood  sequences.

9:20AM: Ninnu preminchake prema meedha prema perigindi… Krishna (Nani)

9:15AM: Maha Lakshmi (Mehreen) is introduced with some witty lines..

9:10AM: As expected  theatre gone crazy over Balayya fan sequence.

9:07AM: Vishal Chandrasekhar a musician to watch out.. He elevated the both introduction and Faction with his BGM.

9:03AM: After a faction sequence. Natural Star Nani is introduced in a interesting Manner… With “Ra Ra” track..

9:00AM: Movie starts Thanking Balakrishna and Mahesh Babu..

8:58AM: The statutory warning is funnily told by Nani..

8:56AM: Censor Certificate – KVPG – a “UA” certified  148 Minutes  Movie.

8:55AM: Nani Mehreen and Team Bhale Bhale Mogadivoyi are here at Prasadz for the first screening for Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha.

Actor Nani’s Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha going to do new role. The movie completed its censor formalities couple of days ago and here is the Inside Talk of the film.The first half of the film is good with hilarious comedy. The second half of the film has more chase sequences which were stretched for a long time and bore the audience. The film picked pace in the climax and it worked out well. The movie is ended up as average to above average at the box office.

Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha Trailer has been released and getting a good response from the movie lovers. KVPG Trailer is giving an outline of Nani’s fun filled, brave and epic love story within the short time. Nani turns as a Krishna Gadu after falling love with Mahalakshmi with his mass young chap look.

Jai Balayya tattoo is appearing on his hand and it shows that it was the title of earlier but surprisingly it changed to Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha. All things such as 15 years wait, 3 kids, 4 Wheels and Jai Veeranjaneya with Krishnagaadu ready to war with unknown for the love of Mahalakshmi takes the audience expectations high on this movie.

Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha Movie Rating

Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha Movie Rating:3/5

Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha Movie Plus Points:Comedy scenes , NaniScreenplay, good twists,BGM
Comedy dialogues

Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha Movie Minus Points: lengthy scenes