Krishnam Raju Finally Opened Up About Prabhas Marriage

The former actor Krishnam Raju finally responded about Rebel star Prabhas marriage and shares his views to media. Presently the rumors were hearing about Prabhas marriage and the brides photos were rolling on social networking websites. The fans were most curious to know about Prabhas marriage. To break down the audience curiosity Prabhas’s uncle Krishnam Raju has spoken finally.

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Prabhas Fiancé Photo goes Viral on Social Media

Prabhas fiance photo is scrolling on social networking websites, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Many people are trusting that she would be the life partner of Rebel star. Many of the news channels were also telecasted the news of Prbhas marriage with that girl pairing up the photos. The present trendy news rolled out is that he is going to marry Bhimavaram Engineering college girl. Few of her photographs were scene in Social networking sites and media.

Krishnam Raju Finally Opened Up About Prabhas Marriage

Krishnam Raju’s Reaction Over Prabhas Marriage Rumours

Krishnam Raju confirmed that the gossips that are spreading over web are meaningless. He also stated that he will not spare for these baseless rumours. He is moreover very much angry with the people who are making this wrong type of publicity over a star. He completely offense the rumours and talks about Prabhas marriage and also said that, if there is any marriage proposals were there he will inform it to media first.

“All these are baseless rumors. I don’t know who is spreading this type of news and using cheap tricks to popular. He also said that, if there is anything regarding Prabhas marriage, my family will first announce to media officially. So don’t create baseless rumors”.

Prabhas fans can get clarity now

With Krishnam Raju’s reaction Prabhas Raju’s fans can get complete clarity about his marriage now. In recent days the gossips heard that after completing the Bahubali 2 Prabhas is going to get marry. Few of the gossips were rolled out that he is going to marry Anushka Shetty. But now, Krishnam Raju has kept the full stop for all these gossips with his strong words.