Leaked Robo 2.0 Movie Story:Rajinikanth and director Shankar are getting together once again to work on the sequel of the 2011 Super hit blockbuster film Enthiran/Robo. The latest film Robo 2/ Enthiran 2 is under pre-production and Shankar is getting the technicians and selecting the actors. He is also doing some research on the equipment he is going to require for the shooting of the film.

Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 Story Leaked

Robo 2.0 Movie Story Leaked

In Robo first part, according to the court statement, Chitti Robo has been destroyed and put in a science museum to show for students. Now as per Robot 2 leaked story, Scientist Vasikaran will be once gain used Chitti Robo to destroy another powerful Robo which will be played by Akshay Kumar. This Robo had also made by Scientist Vasikaran and it would be more powerful and speedier than Chitti Robo. Akshay Kumar Robo is finally shaking hands with Villains and as per Robo 2.0 leaked story, Chitti Robo has been once again re-modified and made with advanced technology.

So will Chitti Robo attack Villain Robo (Akshay Kumar) is not will be seen on the silver screen. According to leaked story, Chitti Robo is back and once gain entertain audience. The fighting scenes between Chitti Robo and Akshay Kumar Robo is going to be rocking and director Shankar is planning extraordinary visuals and VFX works to get the movie in an International range.

Accordingly, scientist Vaseegara (Rajinikanth) will make upgraded version of Robo more sophisticated than Chitti. It is a humanoid played by Akshay Kumar. But accidentally the Robo lands in the hands of anti-social elements. They override the robo’s program for unethical use. Remember Chitti was dismantled in first part climax following the orders of the court. In second part the Court revokes the order and asks Vaseegara to assemble Chitti to take on Robo Akshay. Vaseegara builds Chitti with special powers and that is what is 2.0 is all about. However this is just a buzz going on internet. We have to wait for the film to see what Shankar has in store for us.