Livetext – Yahoo’s new messenger app. Yahoo introduced a new messenger app which is a like a muted skype video call setup, released in Hong Kong iTunes store on July 11. It is going to release next in US and then all over the world.

Yahoo's new messenger app

Livetext – Yahoo’s new messenger app

Yahoo introduced their own messenger to the market. Livetext a video chat app, which is currently available in the Hong Kong iTunes store. It was first spotted by TechCrunch, as “the most natural way to Real Coversations”, promising that this app makes you to feel that your friends are right there with you. Whatever you types on the screen it pops up over the video. It’s like a muted video call by having message on the screen.

Yahoo Messenger diminished after giant apps came into existence

Yahoo once ruled by its desktop messaging app – Yahoo messenger, which is used by majority of the people. After new apps like facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Hangouts came into existence, Yahoo messenger diminished from the competition. Yahoo, then decided to update their Messenger for mobile devices; it was only the major app Marissa Mayer didn’t overhaul after becoming CEO, and it was ultimately removed from the App Store. Livetext messaging app will attract the teenagers, though not including the audio portion of the video call seems counter intuitive.

Livetext app is free

Livetext app is free

Livetext app is free forever, it uses your phone’s WiFi or data connection to start one to one conversations. If you initiate the conversation by texting a friend, then video begins immediately upon the recipient entering the chat. To share a thought, you just type in the textbox and it pop up on your screen over the video. The app was quietly released on the Hong Kong iTunes Store on July 11th, but has yet to come to the United States. It’s likely Yahoo will make a bigger, splashier announcement once the app is ready to be released worldwide.