Mac Book Air and iPad Air 3 to Launch in March and Mac Book Pro in June 2016

According to latest reports, the Smartphone Company Apple will launch Mac Book Air and iPad Air 3 in March 2016. The software company usually releases new MacBook models in the spring season. Rumors are also in speculation that Apple iPad Air 3 will be released in March 2016. Apple will release the MacBook Pro 2016 after the launch of the new MacBook Air. This launch ceremony will be held in June 2016.

The iPad Pro was released alongside the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus but the iPad Pro was made available after a few months. It is also believed that the Tech Company Apple will follow the same theory for the release of MacBook Pro 2016. According to sources, even if the new MacBook Pro is launched, it will be available a few months later in the market. It is also expected that the company will adopt this strategy to maintain the interest of the users throughout the year.

Mac Book Air and iPad Air 3 to Launch in March and Mac Book Pro in June 2016

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Mac Book Air Release, Specifications and Features

The new MacBook Air 2016 will come in two different models, 15inch model and a 13inch model. It is expected that the newer versions will be thinner than previous ones. The 2016 MacBook Air will have developed battery life and RAM capacity.

In addition, the new MacBook Air 2016 will come with a Retina display and USB Type-C support. Several reports also say that the MacBook will come with the Apple’s OS that is X El Capitan OS and the Force Touch track pad. And it has improved graphics and an Intel Skylake processor. However, the new MacBook won’t have a cooling fan. The new MacBook Air models are eventually replacing the old MacBook Airs, at a lower price.