Make the Most of Your Phone with These Accessories

Show me a person who can live without their phone in this day and age and you will have found yourself a liar. A smartphone is the most important device you will own in the 21st century.

With such a huge market of smartphone users in India, there’s a lot of scope for mobile accessories to come up. And come up they have. You’re sure to have thought of how you would survive if your battery gave up on you. Especially if that happens in the middle of a hectic day!

Here are some phone accessories and attachments that will help you get the best your phone has to offer.

1)   Power Bank

power bank

Source: rediff

Almost every smartphone in the market requires an overnight charge, especially if you keep using it nonstop the whole day. This is where a power bank comes in. It’s literally a bank to store power in for when your phone decides to go MIA on you.

MI Power Bank is the best in the business! It packs a whopping 10000mAh in most of its models that can charge up to 4 different types of devices! Not to mention is super compact and easy to carry.

Don’t believe me? Check it out at, where you can look at a bunch of options and choose one that suits your needs.

2)   Selfie Stick

Your smartphone probably comes with a very good front –facing camera, am I right?

In the day and age and era of the selfie, you can be sure that there’s an accessory to help make it easier for you to click a picture of yourself, the background, and the other 10 people

How? With the selfie stick! It’s very convenient to own one, especially if you have a group of people you hang out with who all like taking photos with each other. Most are very and some even come with wireless connectivity!

3)   Bluetooth Headset

Let’s be honest. How many times have you missed a phone call because you were busy driving? Or your phone was out of reach and you were feeling lazy?

This is where a bluetooth headset comes in. It’s connected to your smartphone (via Bluetooth obviously) and you just wear it around your ear when you’re driving or in away from your phone.

Its reach is reasonable and makes receiving important calls hassle free. What’s more is you’ll never miss a call if your phone is in vibrate or silent mode! It’s a real lifesaver. You can find the best ones from a huge variety on