Manohar Parrikar says One Rank One Pension Notification after Bihar Poll

After the Bihar Polling ends the Defence Minister Parrikar said that One Rank One Pension scheme will be issued. This notification will be issued within few days after the completion of Bihar poll process.  

It would be a Diwali gift to the protesting veterans, he said, “I am trying to have it before Diwali (November 11).”

The counting of votes will take place on 8th November but the model code of conduct will remain in place till 12th November in Bihar.

“It (notification) will be issued within days after the Bihar poll process ends,” Mr Parrikar told reporters in Delhi.

Manohar Parrikar says One Rank One Pension Notification after Bihar Poll

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One Rank One Pension will be implemented

The Government had did not come with the model code of conduct has been in place. The Protesting Ex-Servicemen had signed a letter in blood to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanded to implement the OROP scheme as early as possible. The OROP scheme announced by the government will be taking 2013 as the base year to calculate pensions and the date of implementation will be July 1, 2014.The period for review is five years only. Meanwhile, the veterans from the three Services have continued their demonstration at Jantar Mantar saying that the scheme announced by the government is not in tune with the principle of one rank one pension.

Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar to be implemented the scheme

The protesting veterans (who had long service) asked the Prime Minister to issue notification to implement OROP scheme. Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement spokesperson Col (retd) Anil Kaul said the letter was signed in blood by around 200 general officers and others. OROP has “Seven Serious Shortcomings”. The notification will be implemented for the festival of Diwali. The letter further blamed Parrikar of “Changing the goal post” every now and then.