Massive Blast in Cairo Smacked Italian Consulate in City Centre , 1 Killed . The blast had happened just a few hours ago i.e Morning Hours on 11-07-2015 (Saturday). It had wounded two policemen seriously today.

Massive Blast in Cairo Smacked Italian Consulate in City Centre
A Man Capturing Picture While Coming Pluto : Sakshi (Source)

Massive blast in Cairo smacked Italian consulate in city centre

A massive explosion takes place at the Italian consulate in Central Cairo on Saturday by wounding two policemen. The State news agency MENA said, the cause of the blast is not confirmed yet but one of the security official said it was a car bomb.

A senior security says preliminary investigations indicated that attackers had placed a bomb under a car and has operated the bomb with remote. MENA earlier quoted that two policemen were wounded by this attack. The Islamist militants have carried the roadside bombs and they have targeted to kill the security forces and officials. This agitation took place at 2011 uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak which had devastated the Egypt’s tourism. It is one of the important part for the Egypt economy.

An Egyptian was wounded in the blast

The Media reports stated that Egyptian was wounded in the blast. It had occured early in the morning on a weekend during the month of Ramadan. The militants thought that it would be the right time to make a blast, because there will be a little more bit of rush than the normal days. MENA report referred the witness by saying that explosion had caused massive destruction to the building. The blast shook a building in downtown Cairo and it had heard by many neighbourhoods.
A Western diplomat said he was aware of the explosion in front of the consulate but he doesn’t know that this building was the targeted to made a blast. A Sinai-based insurgency has increased rapidly since the army ejected Islamist President Mohamed Mursi after mass protests against his rule in 2013. Two weeks ago, a car bomb killed the country’s top public prosecutor and militants affiliated to Islamic State attacked several military checkpoints in North Sinai. The army said 17 soldiers and more than 100 militants were killed in those clashes.

A Glimpse of Pictures from Different Sources While Happening Incident :

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