Metro Tamil Movie Official Trailer:Forthcoming Tamil Action Thriller film which is directed by Anandakrishnanand this is the second film which came from his direction. Anandakrishnan is an expert in making action thriller films which are has proved with is First appearance film Aal which released in this year 2014 and provided a good name for the direction work of Ananda Krishnan. Now, after a break of two years, Director Anandakrishnan is coming with his forthcoming picture which is title named as Metro and this script is also made with the story Action Thriller like his first film.


Metro Tamil Movie Official Trailer Released- Bobby Simha & Shirish

A new actor named Shirish is playing main hero role in this movie and another new actress Sendrayan is playing a role next to Shirish in this film. The shooting of this Film started in 2015 on September month and planning to release this movie by the end of March 2016. The Filmmakers shared Metro Movie Official Trailer in Youtube.a Filmmaker A.R.murugadoss Tweeted on his page: “Best wishes Shirish & the whole “Metro” team.. Nice trailer.”

The theme of the movie ‘Metro’ is that India is the highest gold possessing country in the world but a very high percentage of the citizens are in poverty and the Movie seeks to find a remedy to retrieve the gold from smugglers and black marketers in whose hands the large percentage of gold is held. National Award winner Bobby Simha played an important and main role in this movie. The shooting of Metro started in the year 2015 on September month and planning to release this movie by the end of March 2016.

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