Microsoft CEO Suffered Cortana Live Fail on Stage

Really an embarrassing moment faced by Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft when he was testing the Microsoft’s Personal Assistant software “Cortana” in live presentation at the 2015 Dreamforce. This was held at San Francisco, USA.

Microsoft CEO Suffered Cortana Live Fail on Stage

Satya Nadella Apologized the Crowd                                          

While Microsoft’s CEO started delivering his keynote speech at is big conference which is held by the Salesforce, Nadella seems to be frustrated and he even apologized all the gathered crowd over their after he had tried three times during his live presentation.

This situation happened, when Nadella was telling about the artificial intelligence and when trying to showcase how this Cortana software is capable of understanding the natural language queries. The query or the voice command he passed to the Cortana software for testing it is, “Show me my most at risk opportunities’.” Then, the response that cortana gave is “Show me to buy milk at this opportunity.” With this everyone started laughing but, Nadella decided to try this again using the same query. He tried this for three times and on the fourth attempt he tried with a different query and is able to get in to the work and the machine delivered crucial data on where the CEO could be losing important opportunities.

Finally, Nadella’s calm presence naturally loved him to the people who are rooting for him by the end.

Other Things from Nadella Live Presentation

Nadella also used his presence at this Dreamforce presentation to also talk about the plans of Microsoft about the HoloLens, mobility, and cloud computing along with the promotion of firm’s 18th relationship with Salesforce. He also explained that, his friendly approach along with the more warm is an acceptance which Microsoft needs to make a partnership with the old rivals Such as Apple or Salesforce to keep their own customers happy.

If you want to see the Cortana non-demo for yourself, skip forward to 10:40 on the video below. µ