Microsoft Cortana app now available to android OS. Being a rival to android, Microsoft decided to release Cortana app to android users to win over google search bar by replacing it with Bing.

Microsoft Cortana app now available to android OS

Microsoft Cortana app now available to android OS

However, Microsoft is making a plan to release a version of its Cortana digital assistant for Android this month, but its copy has leaked on to the internet. Cortana which is familiar name to all the windows phone users. Now it is available to android users also. You can access Cortana’s notebook to control information stored about you, and some usual options for bringing up events, nearby places to eat and drink, news, sports and more.

What is Cortana?

The entire interface looks like a mini version of Cortana for windows 10, with a dark theme mixed with the white area for content. To search for anything, you can use your voice to raise a query to Cortana; Coratana with the help of Bing it answers all the queries asked by user. The Cortana will also solves the mathematical questions. One feature that missing from the Windows version is the ability to say “Hey Cortana” to activate the assistant. Not only that single one, some more features like asking Cortana to send the messages to the contacts appeared on the screen are unfinished.

Reason to introduce Cortana app to Android

As all of us know that Microsoft is rival to the android platform, but why it is bringing Cortana to its rival?

Microsoft bringing Cortana to rival platforms is a key part of the company’s plans to win users for its services on iOS and Android. Howevr, Cortana for Android requires a Microsoft Account, and signing in brings any user directly into Microsoft’s Bing search engine over Google. Microsoft is also planning to bring Cortana to iOS later this year, but an official preview version of the Android client is expected in the coming weeks