Microsoft pushes iBall’s Rs 9,999 laptop

The most cheapest laptop priced at Rs 9,999 will now be available with Windows 10 activated in it. Confused? This is the story.

Windows 10 aims to get more than 1 billion of devices in the next three year and for this reason, this step has been taken, where it has shook hands with iBall and Intel in order to launch ‘CompBook Excelance’ at Rs 9,999.

Experts advice:

Priyadarshi Mohapatra, who is the Country General Manager of the Consumer Channel Group Microsoft India, in this matter, said,’ This partnership is a reflection of our mission of empowering every individual and organisation to achieve more. Windows 10 already powers over 300 million devices globally.’

A clear target for Microsoft!

The CEO of iBall, Sandeep Parasrampuria stated that in our country India, the devices are very less when compared to china, it is 50% over there and 9% over here which is comparatively very less. He also mentions that no matter how many smart phones takes birth, ultimately laptop is the savior. He quoted,’ There can be supplementary devices, but when it comes to real utility, perhaps even today, what we can do on a laptop is much higher than what one can achieve using a smart phone and as far as usage, productivity and compatibility goes, a Windows device is the most useful one. Whether you want it for learning or for business, Windows is almost like a de-facto standard. Also, we wanted to present this as an affordable solution to the consumers, thus a sub 10k laptop.’

It seems that Sandeep is very much confident with this step and is also sure that such tactic and strategies will be followed by the other rivals as well.

Well, one needs to wait and watch as to what will be coming up ahead of this massive step. However, its a good chance for all the consumers to buy a laptop of Windows 10 at just Rs 9,999.