Microsoft Windows 10 launched officially Today. According to Indian Standard Time,  on Tuesday midnight at 12:00 AM, the Windows 10 is released officially.

Microsoft Windows 10 launched officially Today

Microsoft Windows 10 launched officially Today

Finally, the official version of Windows 10 is released. According to Indian Standard Time, the new version is released at 12:00 AM. Some of the users who already owned Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS will automatically migrates to Windows 10. A total of 50 lakh members are registered for the Windows 10 upgrade. Windows 95 which bought a drastic change in the 90’s was the most successful Operating System. Most of the users waited for that update. Compared to that, this time there won’t be such demand. In future there is a possibility to avail this version as free to all the users.

Better to embed the traditional features along with the new ones’

Microsoft decided to follow some of the traditional features to embed again in the Windows 10. The Start button, which is detached in Windows 8 and 8.1 made lots of users to feel the inconvenience, so they decided to get it back to made it user friendly again. Cortana which is very familiar to the Smart phone users is now available to the desktop versions also. Cortana which is similar to Apple’s Siri, this will take the help of google and gives the required information to the users. Windows 7 which lasts from seven long years is currently available in the desktop computers at present. Even Windows 8 and 8.1 doesn’t effected its legacy.

Windows 10 will be free to all

The intention of Microsoft is to vanish the Windows 7 completely from the users and to use the latest version of windows. In the latest versions the user who wants to access with the OS needs to create an Microsoft Outlook account, without that he/she can’t access the computer. By following this approach, the Microsoft will have majority of the users to dominate the Apple company. However in the next coming year, Windows 10 will be available to all who uses Pro version and Home version only. Those who uses enterprise version need to buy Windows 10.

It concludes that, the companies need to pay the desired amount asked by Microsoft to have Windows 10. Some of the retailer companies like Walmart, Staples are releasing the new laptops with Windows 10 as default OS. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in an interview said that, with in 3 years there should be 100 crores of computers by having Windows 10 in it. At present, there are 150 crores of computers by having any version of the Windows.