MLA Revanth Reddy Got a 12 Hours Bail For Daughter’s Engagement,MLA Revanth Reddy Got a Bail For One Day Due to Daughter’s Engagement , Revanth Reddy bail has Been Granted on 10-06-2015 For 11-06-2015 of Daughter’s Nymisha Reddy marriage , Revanth Reddy Daughter Engagement on 11-06-2015.

MLA Revanth Reddy Got a Bail For One Day Due to Daughter's Engagement

MLA Revanth Reddy Got a Bail For One Day For Daughter’s Engagement (12 Hours) :

TDP MLA Revanth Reddy has been granted a 12-hour bail from Wednesday evening to Thursday evening for attending his daughter’s engagement.

Revanth Reddy, who was arrested in  vote-for-note scam, submitted a petition to the court on Wednesday  10-06-2015 morning, pleading to grant him bail as he wanted to attend his daughter’s engagement.

While Court granting Permission, Place a Condition When Attending to The Engagement

Revanth should not hold any kind of discussion with anybody.

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Revanth has been accused of allegedly bribing nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson to vote in favour of TDP candidate in the council elections. Revanth’s house was raided by ACB officials on Tuesday and his family members were also questioned.

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Latest News : Revanth Reddy Got 12 Hours bail i.e From 11-06-2015 06:00AM Morning To 06:00 PM.