Modi says India, Africa bright spots in global economy

On Thursday i.e., on 29th October 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a conference meet of India Africa Forum summit at New Delhi. At this occasion Modi said that, India and Africa will be two bright spots referred to hopes and opportunities in this global economic world. And also said that the leaders belongs to African nations those who are in Delhi that states that India and Africa will be must be as speak in one voice for the U.N reforms.

This referral meeting to gather the representatives of all African nations to meet for 3rd India Africa Forum Summit. This is titled as world of free nations and also awakened as aspirations. The institution cannot be a representive of world. If there is a option that does not give voice of Africa along with more than a quarter of UN members and the world’s largest democracy with one sixth of humanity which was stated by Mr. Narendra Modi.

Modi says India, Africa bright spots in global economy

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Shape and Build the nation to reach the Century

Higher authority teams are to be in hopeful that the Delhi Declaration from an IAFS to be observed on Thursday which will includes few languages such as to support the Africa on India’s with bid for a permanent security to the council for occupying the reserved seat. Before attending for this Africa India referral meeting, Modi was arrived South Africa president named Jacob Zuma on Wednesday, who is BRICS and IBSA partner.

Then after finishing this gathering he may have a plan to meet Egypt President named Abdel Fateh al- Sisi along with Sudan Omar Bashir. Two third of India and two third of Africa consists the people more over under the age 35 years, So if the future contributed to the youth, then definitely the century is ours to shape and build a better nation.” With this inspiration, we are giving strengths and efforts as our responsibility to envelope the nation and to be develop with Markable lightening” these words are stated y Narendra Modi.