Legendary Popular Music Director M S Viswanathan Dead at 87, Rest in Peace M S Viswanathan , M.S.Viswanathan is no more. The Tamil Music director M.S. Viswanathan died today morning at 4 a.m.

Legendary Popular Music Director M S Viswanathan Dead at 87

Legendary Popular Music Director M S Viswanathan Dead at 87: M.S.Viswanathan is no more

M.S. Viswanathan – the well known person to all the music lovers, died (87) today morning at 4 am. No other composer in the Tamil film music world had composed for 1700 films as Viswanathan did. He had composed music for Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada films. He also worked with three Cheif Ministers- M.G. Ramachandran, M. Karunanidi and Jayalalitha.

About MS Viswanathan

His first film was Jenova and the hero was M.G Ramachandran. MGR had reservations about using MSV in the film. But the producers of the film told to MGR that they would not change the music director, if he was not interested to act in this film he was free to quit from the project.

Viswanathan – who attempted suicide

Viswanathan was born in Elapulli in Palghat district, his full name is Maniyanga Subramanian Viswanathan. He entered the film world as a child artist starring in the film Kannagi produced by Jupiter pictures in Tiruppur, as it not suited to him, he was given the role of Bala Murugan. After the death of his father, who was working as a jailor and his sister, his mother, driven by poverty and the name earned by MSV as a cursed child, he decided to commit suicide by jumping into a tank. “I wanted my mother to jump into the water first. When she demanded the reason, I told her what if she changed her mind after I was drowned. By that time, my grandfather arrived and we were saved,” MSV had recorded in his biography penned by Ranimainthan.

From office boy to great Music Director

His career was started with the Jupiter Studios in Tirupur. He was an office boy whose work is to clean the harmonium of S.M Subbaih Naidu, who is the music director of the studio. While living in Kannanur, he played truant, and sold murukku and vadai in a theatre without remuneration so that he could listen to film songs. Instead of attending classes, MSV would stand outside the house of Neelakanta Bhagavathar, a local music teacher and listen to his teaching other students.

MSV’s funeral will be held on Wednesday morning at his residence on Santhome High Road in Chennai