Nara Rohit Thuntari Movie release date has been postponed and the new release date has been decided by the production house of the Movie Thuntari. The Thuntari movie cast and crew is Nara Rohit is hero, Latha Hegde is heroine. Kabhir Duhan singh and vennela Kishore are playing major supporting roles in the Thuntari movie.

Nara Rohit Thuntari Movie postponement reason

The thuntari movie was directed by Kumar Nagendra under the producer Ashok Babu. Initially the Thuntari movie was set to be released on march 4th but later, the movie has been postponed to march 11th. The reason behind this is young stars movies like Manchu Manoj’s Shourya, Naga Shourya’s Kalyana Vaibhogame, Rashmi Gautam’s Guntur talkies and other major films are to be released parallel to Thuntari. In the sense of reducing the competition with those movies the Thuntari movie took a back step. The movie is all set to be released on March 11th.

Nara Rohit Thuntari Movie

Nara Rohit is a star from Nandamuri family, he has made his debut film with  banam. Banam was successful than expected. later Nara Rohit took his own path and walked his own way. Unlike other actors he tried different characters. His movie solo was a massive hit. It entertained both family and youth audience. later he came out with an experimental movie named Prathinidhi, even that was accepted by most of the audience. Though Nara Rohit has some failures, his success is more countable.

Now Nara Rohit is all set to entertain the telugu audience with Thuntari. Thuntari movie songs were already released and we had a hit talk for the songs. Sai Karthik has composed the songs and songs were sung by famous singers like Tippu, Geetha Madhuri, Sai charan etc. Thuntari Movie has come with a caption “Destiny vs Hard work”. This leaks the story line of the movie. The story may revolve between the thin line of destiny and hard work.

As Nara Rohit have fans in all the zones, everyone are waiting for another blockbuster hit in his account. But we should wait till march 11th for the full length movie and for its review and result.

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