PM Narendra Modi gets Emotional & Cries While Talking About His Mother With Zuckerberg. PM Modi delivers a speech at the Facebook head quarters.

PM Narendra Modi gets Emotional & Cries While Talking About His Mother With Zuckerberg

Narendra Modi gets Emotional & Cries

Finally Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi got standing ovation from the townhall at the Facebook headquarters in Melno Park, California. Narendra Modi took questions about social media, women’s issues; who are facing problems like his mother etc. Mark Zuckerberg welcomed Narendra Modi, saying he was impressed by how social media savvy the Prime Minister was and moved on to ask several questions. Zuckerberg, earlier on this month posted about PM Modi’s visit to Facebook and invited users to post questions. More than 37,000 comments were made in reply, with questions like internet expansion in India and unemployment rates. However, it is not possible to ask Modi a lot of questions with in a short time, here are some of the key questions asked to PM Modi:

Modi talks about his mother

Mark Zuckerberg asked Modi about his mother. Modi while delivering words about his mother got emotional.
While his mother was the first person he paid a visit to after he won the 2014 general elections, PM Modi said, “I came from a very humble family. It’s hard to imagine that a tea seller has become the leader of the world’s greatest democracy. For that I would like to thank the country.” “My father is no longer with us. My mother is over 90 years old now. She does all her work herself. She is not educated, but through television she knows what is happening in the news,” he says.

Role of women in India’s growth

When asked about his stand on women’s empowerment, the girl child and the role of women in a growing India, PM Modi said, “All societies believe in god, but mostly they are male., Only in India we have women goddesses — Durga, Kali, Amba.” “But as far as the government is concerned, if we have to achieve economic goals, we cannot imprison 50 percent of our population inside our homes. Women must walk shoulder to shoulder with men,” Modi says.
“As far as education is concerned and the health sector, there are a large number of women. We have now reservation for women in the police in some union territories where the government has jurisdiction,” said PM Modi.

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Can Make in India succeed?

Make in India is one of PM Modi’s pet projects and to a question on how successfull it can be PM Modi said, “When you want to turn around a scooter, it takes half a second. But when you want to turn around a train it is much more difficult.”
“So how do you keep track of what is happening? In 40 years we have had 180 million people who didn’t have a bank account. After my government came to power, in 100 days 180 million bank accounts were opened. That is the speed of change,” he said.