Shocking News : Narendra Modi in Top 10 Criminals in the World Google Search Results , The Entire Nation Shocked on Tuesday Afternoon. Modi is noticed in the list of Top 10 Criminals in the World.

Shocking News : Narendra Modi in Top 10 Criminals in the World Google Search Results


Osama Bin Laden, Dawood Ibhahim, Joseph Kony, Al Capone are some of the names we expect, When we search in google for ‘#Top 10 Criminals’. One cannot expect our Prime Minister Narendra Modi in #Top10crimanals. This is not a name anyone expects in the criminal list. Recently on this Tuesday morning.

Google apologises to PM Modi regarding search results for ‘Top 10 criminals

Someone noticed our Prime minister narendra modi name in Top 10 Criminals in the World. One Could not expect this name in the list of Top 10 criminals around world. But someone recently noticed that, in the list of ‘Top 10 Criminals’ around world supreme leader stands next to Al Capone.

#Top10criminals in the World

It is not for the first time or second, third and fourth on the list. To be technical speaker, Narendra modi name and Criminal word are been interlinked in Google Algorithms. One similar issue raised in 2009 when US First Lady Michelle Obama’s name was noticed in a racially biased image.

Narendra Modi is one among Top ten criminals around world, which is been sparring in Twitter. This Top 10 criminals issue provoked Fans of Narendra Modi. One versus them gave an chance to allege a serious issue during 2002. This happened when Gujarat riots and its approach towards the Minority people.

Modi one among 10 criminals around world

Narendra Modi supporters are demanding Google the images of Narendra Modi from Google Search. This came to blow an rival between Modi supporters, Rivals and Critics. #Top10criminals is setting a normal person into Upset.

News in Google is quite genuine and it is not accepted to remove Modi name from Top 10 Criminals in the World, Accordingly Narendra Modi is one among dreaded terrorists, criminals and mafia lords.

Out of the 3 images of Narendra Modi in the list, The images were published by United Kingdom’s leading publisher. This is an article on Racism in Text Books of Indian Schools. Modi is recorded one among Top 10 Criminals in the World. Modi fans started abusing and attacking Google. They are demanding to Ban Google which is World’s largest search engine.