Natural Mummy of Sangha Tenzing, Mummies are the interesting stuff ever, But, if you think that mummies are only found in Egypt then you are mistaken for sure.

Natural Mummy of Sangha Tenzing

Natural Mummy of Sangha Tenzing – Gue Village, Spiti

If you thought mummies were to be found only in Egypt, then you are mistaken. In a little village called Gue, in Himachal’s Spiti district, lays the remarkably well-preserved 500 year-old mummy of Sangha Tenzing, a Buddhist monk from Tibet. It was found in a sitting position, with skin and hair intact.

This is probably because, the monk started mummifying himself while he was still alive. Natural mummification, as compared to chemical enbalming, is a complex procedure and is extremely rare.

The mummy was discovered after an earthquake in 1975. It is now on display at a temple in Gue.