Nayantara is back again with trouble

Diana Mariam Kurian, better known as Nayanthara, is an Indian film actress who also appears in Telugu, tamil and Malayalam films. She started her acting career in the year 2003 Malayalam film and by followed by many movies, she made her debut in Telugu movie in the year 2014.

After her last movie ‘Gopala Gopala’ Venkatesh took a very long time to sign Maruthi’s film ‘BABU BANGARAm’. Nayanthra was signed to romance with Venkatesh for the Third time. They both worked in the recent movies like “Lakshmi’ and ‘Tulasi’

She is Beautiful actress from Tamil; she is signing her films with utmost care and has already given huge hits in the past. But now at present she is troubling the director Maruthi and his Team her Movie Babu bangaram who are directing this movie.

Nayanthara Troubling Victory Venkatesh's Babu Bangaram

Nayanthara Troubling Victory Venkatesh’s Babu Bangaram 

The shooting of this film is going on for a very long time and it is expected to release on 1st of July, but now the film will be postponed due to the delay in shooting created by Nayanthara.

The delay is because Nayanthara is giving more priority to her Tamil projects and showing tantrums to allot dates for Babu Bangaram Shoot. Many schedules were shifted and even postponed for her because of her unavailability.

As the release date was already locked by the maruthi in the month of July, the director has got hardly any time left and there are many other biggies entering the race, and all these things are stuck for Venky and his film.

It is also said that even in the past, Nayanthara had date problems and she even backed out from several high Profile films. Which put a negative impression on her career, in future no director will be willing to work with Nayanthara because of such delay.