Niharika Konidela’s Oka Manasu Movie Teaser released

Niharika Konidela is daughter of Konidela Naga Babu. She is the first ever female actress from Konidela family. After so many controversies about Niharika’s entry into film industry, her first movie Oka Manasu Movie Teaser is released late on Sunday, May 15, 2016. Niharika Kondela is coming with her debut movie as actresses. She is pairing up with Telugu actor Naga Shourya. Oka Manasu movie is directed by Rama Raju. Producer of Oka manasu is Madhura Sridhar. TV9 is other producing partner of Oka Manasu. Oka Manasu Movie is all set to release its audio on May 18 at Shilpa Kala Vedika.

Oka Manasu Movie Teaser


Oka Manasu Official Teaser : Niharika Konidela | Naga Shourya

Naga Shourya is featured with Niharika Konidela in Oka Manasu movie. It is debut movie for Niharika. While Naga Shourya is already close to Tollywood fans with Uhalu Gusagusalade, Lakshmi Rave Maa intiki etc. Niharika is popular in Tollywood as she is from Kondiela family. Her entry to small screen with Dee juniors dance show was a massive hit. She acted in a web series under her own production that got tremendous response. Now Niharika’s oka Manasu movie is ready to hit theaters soon. Niharika movie oka manasu official teaser is out now.

Oka Manasu Movie O Manasa Song Teaser Released

Not just movie teaser, niharika had also released a song teaser. Niharika posted a song teaser officially in Facebook saying that she is feeling awesome. O Manasa song teaser was officially released on You tube on Sunday. Waiting has come to an end. So many people are waiting to see how Kondiela family’s loving daughter is going to look in her debut movie. It seems that, Niharika plays a doctor role named Sandhaya. Teaser have some romantic drama too. Lets see how Oka Manasu is going to attract audience.

Watch Oka Manasu Movie’s Oh Manasa Song Official Teaser

Watch Oka Manasu Movie Official Teaser| Niharaika Konidela|Naga Shourya