Niharika Tollywood entry

Niharika, daughter of actor Nagababu and Padmaja konidela and sister of actor Varun Tej, belongs to Mega family. As we know many actors are appeared from Mega family but there is no actress from mega family. Now Niharika from mega family is going to appear on the silver screen. She is the first actress from the mega family after a repeated eight mega actors. Except Naga Babu and Varun Tej complete mega family didn’t like her to be an actress. But Power Star Pawan Kalyan didn’t give any of his opinion on Niharika’s entry to Tollywood. Even Mega fans, who treat Niharika as their sister also could not accept her as actress and imagine her as their dream girl.

Niharika’s Tollywood entry

Niharika’s film with Naga shourya

Niharika without listening to her family gave her agreement to film with Naga shourya, hero in oohalu gusagusalade film and this is going to be directed by Rama Raju, director of simha rasi and this was produced by Madhura Sridhar. Niharika was known to the audience as an anchor in the dhee junior’s programme. In this programme she got good appreciations and her anchoring skills were pretty good. Even film makers also said that she have an immense talent in the film field.

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Niharika’s hopes and worries

If she receives a positive console from Pawan Kalyan it would help her to get a good response from Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans. Her brother was successes with Mukunda film recently. Coming to Niharika she is a pretty good looking face and has talent in film industry. Main benefit for her is that she is from well known Mega family. The thing which is bothering her is that can audience encourage a girl from Mega family. Whatever may be the conditions Niharika is giving her Tollywood entry.