No police headache for helping accident victims

No police headache for helping accident victims

For years people used to fear of police inquires if they help a accident victim and so leave the victim like that until an ambulance comes to take them to hospital. Even when someone help the victim by taking them to hospital, they have to face the police for cross interrogation which they are no supposed to be. So now a Central government drafted a notification which provides protection to the witness in the accident cases. Supreme court on Friday said that they will soon incorporate the guidelines in judicial order to make every state follow it. No police headache for helping accident victims this could save many lives says public.

This is seen as a welcome move cause this could save lives of thousands of people who face road accident yearly in India, as mostly they were not offered help fearing a police harassment. On May 12, 2015 the ministry of road transport and highways issued a notification after the SC asked it to come out with suitable guidelines to prevent harassment of good samaritans.

An NGO, Savelife Foundation came up with numbers showing that around 4 lakh road accidents happened in 2014 in which 1.39 lakh people died which is a 2000 increase from the numbers recorded in 2013. If this law is implemented the person who does help by admitting the accident victim does not have to give his details and the person could give his/her name voluntarily.

The law also states that Police officials should not ask the witness or the person who help the victim any sort of questions as the helper will be given a chance to record his statement before court through a video conference if needed.  There is a warning to the police officials too as a Departmental or disciplinary action shall be initiated against the officer who coerces or intimidates the informer. The court official mostly a trail judge should complete his examination in just one sitting if in case the witness volunteers self to the court in the regard of the case. The judicial order will also incorporate the Centre’s guidelines stating that  no payment for admission or registration should be taken by all registered public and private hospitals from the Samaritans.

While this has been the new notification by the Central Government additional solicitor general Pinky Anand submitted that it was not possible for the Centre to issue a mandate to the states. Under the Indian Constitution, law and order is a state subject. Yet it is a welcome call to save many lives cause of road accidents in India.