‘No Water’ Leave From Work, As Ranchi Declares Emergency

For more than two months now Resident of Ranchi – Rita Devi will be missing out her work on every third day.  Rita is a municipal officer and she used to live along with her husband as well as two children in Hindkidhi of Ranchi, in a big middle class locality.

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Rita Says about Water Problem in Their Locality

Once in every three days, Ms Rita Devi along with many other people in the same locality will queue up and wait starting from early in the morning for the government tanker which will bring the water for the locality and sometimes they will stand till noon. Rita says that, at the end of the day, she calls herself lucky if she could fill up at least two buckets of water.  Sometimes, we have to call in expensive private water tankers. She says that, there is no other way for them.

Water Emergency at Ranchi

The capital of Jharkhand – Ranchi which is a city having the 11 lakh people has recently declared a water emergency.  In the month of December previous year, the government of the state has declared drought in their state. It is one among the eleven states of the nation which is suffering under drought. It is said that, this 11 lakh people city requires 45 million gallons of water every day for their daily activities. But the sad thing is that, one out of the three dams which supplies the water for the city every day was almost dry and the water-levels in the other two dams was below the mean which means only half of the requirement of the city were met now.

As per the Water Resources Minister Chandra Prakash Chaudhary, Rainfall was very little this year and this is the reason that water level in those water supplying dams is low and this is why water is being shared out of the dam called Hatia. So that all will be able to get the water and he also added that, they are this as an emergency. But the worry of the people is that, summary is yet to peak. Let us hope that, soon government would take all the measures for bringing the water to the city to serve the needs of the people there.