Obama warns Islamic State Leaders and Says “Your are next”

US president Barack Obama said the US-led coalition is producing a progress against Islamic State militants in both Iraq and Syria countries, as he gave an update on the campaign aimed at assuring US residents worried about the spread of terrorism, on Monday.

Barak Obama said, “We are hitting ISIL strong than ever,” using the shorthand for the Islamic State group. President said airstrikes had increased and the alliance had successfully knocked out key figures in the group’s leadership ‘one by one’.

The strong statement came after president met with US top national security advisers at the Pentagon, part of this to explain his strategy for stopping the Islamic State group aboard and its sympathizers at US. US president Obama is also scheduled to attend a meeting at the National Counterterrorism Center later in this week.

Obama warns Islamic State Leaders and Says “Your are next”

Barak Obama Warns Islamic States

After a series of attacks, the United States and its associated partners have claimed progress newly in wresting back territory from IS and killing some of its main leaders in Syria and Iraq. The military has said hundreds of USairstrikes in recent days deal with a major blow to IS ranks in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi, which IS held in May.

Barak Obama offered some of the first public information about the status of Special Forces, ordered before the recent attacks in Paris and California. Obama said Special Forces in Syria had started their job helping local groups cut off IS supply lines and put force on Raqqa, the unofficial capital of Islamic State’s ‘caliphate.’

In an effort to encourage coalition allies to contribute more to the fight against Islamic State, Barak Obama said he was sending defense secretary Ash Carter to the Middle East on Monday.