Odd-even Policy, Can Delhi Confide On Public Transport?

New Year is on the horizon and as promised by the Delhi government, the odd-even rule is going to be implemented in the national capital from January 1st.  There is only couple of days left for the odd-even rule implementation and peers of Delhi is raising their eyebrows asking whether there are is fair amount of public transport to handle and accommodate transport for the volcano of peers who are going to use public transport from New Year day.  

All the diesel running vehicles were banned to run on the road from Jan 1st, people who have diesel-running vehicles have to use the public transport from Jan 1st when the odd-even rule is brought into the effect.  

Odd-even Policy, Can Delhi Confide On Public Transport

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Odd-even policy in Delhi from Jan 1st

This rule is going to be implemented from Jan 1st to Jan 15th in Delhi.  This new odd-even policy will examine to what extent the public transport can provide services to the public.  

Delhi has 2.7 million registered private cares and almost equal share of the vehicles are going to take rest instead of raiding on the long roads of Delhi.  As these many people are becoming vehicleless, the public transport should be capable of providing transport services to all those people.  

Ratio of vehicles and commuters

There are a total of 6,000 city buses stands, which contain 1,500 buses that run under the cluster scheme. These buses will provide transport services to over 4 million travelers daily. The government has provided 6,000 buses for odd-even scheme at first and later cut it down to 3,000 buses.  

DTC spokesperson R Minhas told HT that they do not have an exact account of transport to be provided, but the additional buses would be sufficient enough to serve the new crowds. He also said that “Most of these additional buses would be rolled out on the operational routes. While there is no estimate of the exact demand, they are capable of catering to around 1.5 million commuters daily.”

DMRC official said that, the metro is going to take extra 70 trips from Jan 1st to 15th to help the daily travelers.  Delhi Metro currently makes 3,122 trips a day and transports around 26 lakh and now it could be increased to 30 lakh. With the additional 70 trips, the number can be increased to another 2 lakhs.