Good news for OLA customers, Now OLA decreased the price of taxi in delhi, hyderabad and chennai. Decreased prices of OLA given below as per OLA official facebook page.

OLA Cabs decreased the price of taxi in delhi, hyderabad and chennai

OLA Cabs decreased the price of taxi in delhi, hyderabad and chennai

The base fare has also been reduced from Rs 150 for the first 6 km to Rs 100 for the first 4 km. also OLA Says they are trying to give best service by decrease the prices. they always cameup with amazing offers that other service cannot do. Since OLA Startup they are prooved as best cam service in india.This is also best for them because once prices are low then more customers use their service, so they can better serve in future, one more thing is they are trying to take care their drivers.

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Delhi sedan : Rs 14/km To Rs 11/km.

Hyderabad Sedan : Rs 14/Km to Rs 12/Km

Mini : Rs 10/Km to Rs 9/Km

Chennai sedan : Rs 16/Km to Rs 12/Km

Mini : Rs 12/Km to Rs 10/Km

OLA said in a statement As per their official announcment of new prices

“This price revision has been possible since we have been able to achieve efficiency from the scale of operations. While drivers continue to make more revenue through better utilisation and more paid runs, we are passing on the benefit of this scale to customers,”

While OLA reduced the price only in sedan category in Delhi, it slashed charges of sedan and mini cars in Hyderabad and Chennai. Currently, OLA has 20,000 cabs in Delhi, and 12,000 and 13,000 in Hyderabad and Chennai, respectively.

Competition in the taxi-hailing service has heated up with companies having a go at one another on the pricing front. In May, Chennai-based Fast Track had approached Competition Commission of India (CCI) regarding OLA’s alleged predatory pricing practice