Old Trucks and Buses to be Banned in India to curb pollution

Do you know last year as per World Health Organization (WHO) it was reported that India stands in the 13th place of the world’s 20 most populated cities? On the night time of last Diwali festival, the air pollution in the Delhi city has 40 times the limit that was suggested by the WHO.

Old Trucks and Buses to be Banned in India to curb pollution

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Causes and Reasons of Over Air Pollution in India

Weak management and enforcement have shuffled action of cleaning cities in India and also tackling of the health disaster which can give rise to more than 6 lakh people premature deaths. Dust from construction, emissions of diesel and burning out the crop stubble in the farms are the main reasons for over dosage of the air pollution in the cities like Delhi in India.

Banning of Older Vehicles in India

Recently, the government of India has announced for banning the buses as well as trucks that are more than 15 years old for restraining the levels of the pollution in country. Those trucks that are used for commercial purpose which are accountable for more than the half of the countries vehicle emissions were also included in this list. Banning of such vehicles will come in to act in the month of April next year and soon the government will come up with more details regarding this i.e., in the next coming two weeks.

Experts Opine

Sales of new cars in India are increasing. As per the experts, car taxes and parking charges of the cars should be increased to restricted usage and also there should be an expansion in the public transportation.

Last week India has told that, it would need vehicles to be stood by very strict emissions standards by the year 2019 i.e., three years before the deadline.

Hope, soon India could be the pollution free country in the coming years with such strict rules and standards.