Open letter to HR Saurabh Nigam of SnapDeal by employees

The Indian Ecommerce website whose brand ambassador was Bollywood Mr Perfectionist Ameer Khan is in news again. Snapdeal has asked 200 employees in its consumer service department to shape up or ship out. The employee’s are not positive with this turn by Snapdeal either as they feel it’s almost impossible to meet the company’s performance improvement plan. Open letter to HR Saurabh Nigam of SnapDeal by employees for the layoffs decision.
The protest by Snapdeal employees is as massive against the layoffs of about 600 employees in last 2 days that those employees have take on to Social networking site Facebook and created a page by the name “Shame on Snapdeal” to unite and seek justice against the decision taken by the E commerce company to sack its employees.

The open letter to HR Vice President Mr. Saurabh Nigam by employees is as follow:

“Saurabh Nigam : HRM is not about receiving made-up awards and adding bookish jargons to own career profile but it is to get on foot and manage your employees and situation on ground when on trouble and crisis. It is not to comment ‘I can’t say anything’ in front of 600 employees in crisis.

You laid off employees for your own ineffective or better to say non existent processes and policies. You laid off employees as you didn’t understand the hiring economics, you did no homework before mass hiring. You blamed us for your non-performance. Do remember that you failed in crisis management, you failed to answer the reason behind such mass lay off. You all are trying to goof up the matter saying the laid off employees are non-performers whereas your management do not have a standard benchmark for performance management.

Your performance indicators have changed in last several months at the whims and fancy of anybody and everybody and you all talk of performance!!! Shame on you. Suddenly one day without any prior notice how come all your MCIE customer service employees become non-performers, the question remains why did you hire them at first instance if they were so bad that they were not even eligible for a prior notice on their bad performance;where was your fine HR techniques to find out right people for right job, secondly how did 600/600 employees become non-performers one fine morning before financial year-end.

So stop providing lame and fake excuses in media to cover up your so called reputation but start acting on ground providing solutions to employees on crisis.

You and your management even cut off water, electricity and other basic amenities to protesting laid off snapdeal employees. You all have degraded to such unacceptable inhuman strategies that we will not be surprised if you get the protesters beaten up next.

Please convey to Mr. Kunal Bahl that business is not about going to different business conclaves ( most recent one was ‘Start up India’) and talk fake to bring more investors on board but to manage your stake holders’ properly so that all are at win-win situation.

Today you lay off employees and mark my words that a day will come when you will find no people to work for you.”

We at All India Blog hope that the Snapdeal management and concerned authorities takes appropriate measure and help the employees to get justice.

Open letter to HR Saurabh Nigam of SnapDeal by employees