Islamabad :Pakistan Started a Spy on militants on monday. they Started a First Experiment on 07-09-2015. Pakistani forces on Monday started using its own spy aircraft to target militants in North Waziristan tribal region, the military said.

Pakistan Armed Drone kills Three Terrorists in first attack

Pakistan Armed Drone kills Three Terrorists in first attack :

“The first-ever use of Pakistan-made Burraq drone hit a terrorist compound in Shawal Valley killing three high profile terrorists,” Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement.

The remotely-piloted aircraft ‘Burraq’ and laser-guided missile ‘Burq’ were tested on March 14, taking Pakistan a step closer to acquiring the technology it has long demanded from the US.

It’s Totally Implemented with their Pakistani Scientists knowledge and gets Success with this 1st Experiment. They mainly concentrated on Shawal region because terrorists taking live in that.

The region had been focused of the US drone strikes that also caused some rift between the US and Pakistan. In June last year, Pakistan launched a major offensive against the Pakistani Taliban and foreign militants, who had been using North Waziristan as a major operational base for attacks in the country and across the border into Afghanistan.

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