Pakistan’s ISI targeting IAF, Army officials, using pretty women, social media to extract info

We have seen many peers, who befouled Facebook by doing mischief’s every now and then, but the same trick of befouling is used by Pakistan ISI to mislead the officials of India.

Pakistan's ISI targeting IAF, Army officials, using pretty women, social media to extract info

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Air Force official arrested for allegedly sharing vital info with Pakistan ISI

An Air Force official named Ranjith was arrested for allegedly sharing confidential info with spy team who belong to Pakistan’s ISI.  It was a foul play by Pakistan ISI on the India official who was involved in this case.  He was unaware of the fact that he was working for an ISI backing intelligence operatives and he was said that he was working as a “defense analyst” for a reputed magazine in UK.

Until he got arrested he was unaware that he was passing confidential info to the spying team of Pakistan.  He was doing the job for over a year very sincerely by taking 30 to 35,000 for every deal.  

On Tuesday, he was arrested from Bhatinda Air Force Station in a joint operation by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police, IAF LU and Military Intelligence.

Used Facebook as a medium to deceit Indian officials

The entire process of deceit was started through Facebook.  Ranjith was captivated by women named ‘Damini McNaught’ who he met on Facebook. Ranjith received a friend request from the lass when he updated his profile picture in uniform in Facebook and the two became good friends later.  MCNaught introduced herself as a editor to a reputed magazine in UK and requested Ranjith to work as a defense analyst to the magazine.

McNaught started with small assignments by giving Ranjith Google satellite maps of Bhatinda and asked him to mark the vital installations and important buildings from where entire Air Force base is visible etc.  Later she gave another map to Ranjith and asked him to mark the exact locations of the air traffic control, air force base and the parking space of the fighter planes.  Ranjith was even asked to mark the entire length and breadth of the runaway from where all fighters’ planes take off.  

As per the Special cell, which is dealing with this case, there must be other defense officials other than Ranjith who are involved in the foul play of ISI Pakistan.