Pawan Kalyan apologizes to media Journalists over security attack

As per updated records, AP Minister has been arrived Ramanaidu Studio in Nanakramguda to get invite Power Star Pawan Kalyan for the occasion of Amaravati. Media persons went for the coverage of news, but pawan kalyan’s Security team has been attacked Media to avoid the media team. In this small attack, few cameraman’s were get suffering with small injuries and journalists staged with a protest with great demand of apology.

Pawan Kalyan get respond to the incident, and said that I am apologizing for the issue with kind of discomfort ability which was faced when CM came to invite me for AP Capital foundation ceremony. The incident was occurred accidentally and there is no mistake in the security team because for some times, gatecrash will happen at the time of shooting unexpectedly. He was personally request for the apology those who get injured in the incident and also said that those who are get included in the attack will get punished as sure.

Pawan Kalyan apologizes to media Journalists over security attack

Attack on Media by Pawan Kalyan Security

At the time of attack media declared the need of apology from bouncers of Power Star. Then Pawan Kalyan announced the apology for their mistake of attacking the media people as unfortunate issue. Power Star was apologizes to get sort out the incident as in short term duration with reality worth and praise. And Pavan Kalyan assured that the persons who attacked on media will be punished.

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This news was updated news now in social media and other media. This incident was happened on Saturday and the apology makes the best impression on power star and he was get apology for the security mistake other than rejecting the mistake with great response. This is an equality apology by the pawan kalyan for the incident happened to AP Minister by his bouncers.