Pawan Kalyan on Kapu Reservation, Fired on CM Chandrababu

Janasena president Pawan Kalyan arranged a press meet at Janasena office on Monday to vent out his feelings about the intense situations that prevailed following the violence during the Kapu Aikya Garjana in Tuni on Sunday.

Pawan Kalyan started his speech saying he was intensely sad with the aggression and said that anti social elements must have been the actual offenders behind the burn down of the train and creating a disturbance situation which causes fright.

Pawan Kalyan on Kapu Reservation, Fired on CM Chandrababu

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Pawan kalyan Fired On AP CM Chandrababu

Pawan said that I’m pained with the Tuni incident, this problem has been around from the time of British, Kapus are recognized as BC in North Andhra and Telangana but not in South Andhra and Rayalaseema. Protesters must be peaceful. These type of problem happen in many places in India, Patels and Gujjars are also protesting for their caste status and stopped trains.

He fired on TDP government that they had not taken any initial extra measures to maintain law and order where they already know that the lakhs of protesters are participating in the protest. He also said that leaders don’t intriguing the people and should act with responsibility. India is a democratic country, and we can solve our problem with the peace.

He said, Kapus be given reservations as per the Indian Constitution and that too without causing any discomfort to the BCs, though he did not be cleared his stand on behalf of Janasena party and avoided the journalists questions about his support to the Kapu Aikya Garjana saying he does not support for any community he fight for country integrity.

The problems about reservations can’t be solved overnight. All parties have to act responsibility and come forward to resolve the matter, he said.

Pawan Kalyan On Rohith Vemula’s Suicide

Pawan Kalyan also commented on Rohith Veman’s issue, he said I’m not reacting on Rohith Vemula’s suicide because the suicide has been politicalized. He was a brilliant student, I feel deeply sad by the incident.