Pawan Kalyan Responds on Cash for Vote,Phone Tapping full speech live info, pawan is given an statement about vote for cash scam, he answered all questions that raised from public and press

Pawan Kalyan Responds on Cash for Vote, Phone Tapping

At last pawan kalyan talks on “Vote for cash” case, many people commenting about him on social media that ” where is pawan kalyan?” where is that man who questioned government?” so all of those who commnet on him just see his new statment about vote for cash case. him just spoken out about that. He looks like yogi, because his bear is very big more then before 😀

Pawan Kalyan Responds on Cash for Vote

“Vote for cash” is the case about revanth reddy who trying to Buy MLC’S in ellections, Telangana Government proved that using CBI by CC Camers. So he caught on the spot. and revanth reddy goes to jail after that. Many thinks that chandra babu is behind revanth reddy “vote for cash” but truth is out there. We cannot judge who is doing that, we must wait for few days.

Power star Pawan Kalyan is set to talk about the political scenario in Telangana at a press meet in Hyderabad on Monday, 6 July, at 4:30pm. His press conference is being live streamed on YouTube.

Pawan kalyan says that i will talk as i like and as i wish. I met modi when he was C.M of gujarati appreciate telangana CM. chandra sekhar rao (KCR) for his efforts on telugu people development.Both states have many problems also responsibility. Phone tapping is a very serious matter , its not good for any one.