Pawan Kalyan Says he will Quit Acting and Enter Into Politics

Power star Pawan Kalyan is one of the most famous actor in the Tollywood industry.His craze is nevertheless can be compared with any other stars.But now the actor says, that he would likely to quit movies soon. He said these words in an international interview happened recently. Anupama Chopra had interviewed Pawan Kalyan at the sets of Sardaar Gabbar Singh. There in the middle of the conversation, Pawan kalayan gave a shocking answer by saying that he is going to quit movies.

pawan kalyan

I will Act only in 2 or 3 More Movies, says Pawan Kalyan

Anupama Chopra, from Film Companion program had interviewed Pawan Kalyan recently. Anupama Chopra is good Bollywood critic. When she asked Pawan Kalyan about his plans after Sardaar Gabbar singh, he gave a shocking answer. ” No, no right now because of I don’t know, I went through different kinds of situations in my personal and professional life.I have a name, If I don’t do movies, I cannot sustain myself. So first priority right now is to sustain myself so will make it up for two to three movies.”

Pawan Kalyan added a reply when Anupama Chopra asked for a come back into movies after a while, He said ” two or three films.. After that I won’t be doing any movies. Anupama Chopra in a mild shock, asked Pawan Kalyan, do you mean give it up? Then Pawan Kalyan replied “yeah, I will give it up. That is the commitment I made to myself long back. I don’t like to do too many films anymore. If I get into Politics, I want to give complete attention to it. From the next election, I am going to do it through my party.”

Anupama Chopra asked “What will happen to your Pawanists (Fans) if he quit movies, Pawan Kalyan after a while replied, “I don’t know. May be I am taking bigger responsibilities. I prefer this is real and there are lot of other people who can¬†entertain and keep the audience engaged. This is what my heart is saying and it is in my DNA.” He added that, he will be writing stories and screenplays after leaving acting.

Power star is involved in the politics partially after starting his Jena Sena Party. But he was not completely involved in the real time politics. He did not give any clue to his fans and people about his political entry. Closing all the guesses, he now opened his heart and told that he is going to involve in the state politics soon. This is obviously a bad news for his fans and Telugu film industry. But we should see how far Pawan Kalyan can show is power in Andhra Pradesh politics.