Pitcairn Island ‘Google website Hacked’ – www.google.co.pn , it’s very Shocking News that world’s Popular search engine Google website Hacked in pitcairn island by Anonymous recently on Wednesday evening i.e 29-07-2015 @ 5:00 PM

Pitcairn Island ‘Google website Hacked’ – www.google.co.pn :

Google Pitcairn Island website HackeD

The Hackers kept a Message is Like this : These Goole Website hacked By Bangladesh Hackers. Check The URL : www.google.co.pn (we don’t whether its official or not because 2 sites named as www.google.pn and co.pn) but it’s hacked.

Google Pitcairn Island HackeD


TiGER-M@TE & surg4bij4k

Bangladesh to Indonesia , we own it all!

Google’s page in Pitcairn Island has been hit by problems, after the site appears to have been Showing a Hacked page made by hackers claiming credit for the cyber-attack.

Visitors to the Pitcairn Island site see a message telling them that “Google Pitcairn Island HackeD By TiGER-M@TE & surg4bij4k ” #Bangladeshi Hacker”.

Recently Same Happened to Malaysia google website too.from this we can think how much google is  serious on Protection of websites.