Police Busted Rave Party at Actor Navdeep

Previous night police busted Rave gathering at Actor Navdeep Farm House. Freshly rave parties have been occurrence across the city without authorization. Police received a report about a rave party is going on the at outskirts of Chakrampalli in Mominpet mandal of Ranga Reddy district, when the police have raided the place, it was establish to be the accommodation of Tollywood Actor Navdeep.

Police Busted Rave Party at Actor Navdeep Farmhouse

Police Busted Rave Party at Actor Navdeep Farmhouse

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Rave Party at Actor Navdeep Farmhouse Video

As per the report some of forthcoming Tollywood heroes and associates of Navadeep have fled the area when the police raided the Rave gathering. Police have under arrest Arun (Event Manager), who has prearranged the occasion The police have also seized overseas liquor bottles at the party.

The police are now in look for of Actor Navdeep, who is at the present on the run to get away from the police. Previously Navdeep caught up in the Drunk and Drive cases and Drug Cases. Some of media reports say because of Navdeep bad character, producers stopped doing movies with him.

Rave Party in Navdeep Farmhouse

At present only side characters and visitor appearance are offered to Actor Navdeep. Navadeep was finally seen in Dongaata Telugu film as a Guest appearance. Actor has also done some realism TV shows. Navadeep was always in news controversies gossips about link ups with Actresses.

RR District police and Excise officials have raided a building on the outskirts of Chakrampally in Mominpeta Mandalam last night on learning that a Rave Party was in development at the premises. However, by the occasion the police had arrive at the spot, some persons counting Tollywood actor Navadeep and other celebrities absent the position, according to news. Police have under arrest Sai Arun, director of the farmhouse for organizing the Rave Party. Afterwards hero Navadeep denied any position in the reported Rave Party and criticised media for without cause linking him to it.