Postponement of Akhil favoured Bruce Lee

The latest celluloid from Srinu Viatla “Bruce Lee” has hit the screens on 16th October of this month.  With the main leads as Ram Charan and Rakul Preeth Singh, this movie is receiving positive response from the fans.  Along with receiving appreciation from the fans for the performances in the movie, it also received criticism from the critics, but it made a decent business at the box office.  The film has lacked in collecting expected money in the overseas and managed to collect just $700,000 in the first five days in U.S, but in AP, with the strong fan base for the male lead Ram Charan, it reached out to the crowd out there and managed to collect Rs. 24.41 crores in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in five days, but the producer of the movie D.V.V.Danayya is absolutely happy with the response from the audience.  

Postponement of Akhil

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Akhil Postponed due to some technical aspects

With the entire week being a festive week of Dussehra, most of the people crowded into the theatres, which gave relief to the team of Bruce Lee.  It received double collection on the sixth day of movie release.  It is all thanks to the “Akhil” movie, as it was postponed its release from October 22nd to a later date due to some VFX issues.  As it is a debut movie for Akhil, his fans are waiting eagerly to watch his first performance on big screen.  The postponement of Akhil movie has created a space for Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee, which emerged as a decent hit in present time.  It gets to have more screens during this time, especially in this last festive week, which is a pro for the movie for making good money.  If Akhil movie had released on the scheduled date, for sure the movie Bruce Lee would have suffered collection wise.