PRAVEEN GALLA, Found dead at NEWPORT BEACH: A 23-year-old post-graduate student of Andhra Pradesh, Praveen Galla, who went missing since February 1, was found dead on Wednesday at Newport beach in California.

Missing Chittoor Student ‘Praveen Galla’ Found Dead At California’s Newport Beach

INDIA lost its another son

INDIA lost its another son, well Now and then we have been hearing these kind of Cases here and there especially in USA and in Australia.

Praveen Galla was a native citizen of Tirupathi,chitoor district.At present he was pursuing his higher studies at CAL university in united states. The missing case was registered by their friends and family as they found praveen missing. Sources said that he was last seen at around 4:50pm On feb 1st 2016 and from then police and their friends had searched him thoroughly but they failed to find him. There was a huge trend for his search On social networking sites too which moved Indian government and forced them to put on a special search force for searching him. But after all these attempts, he was found dead at NEW PORT BEACH.

The sources from their friends had clearly mentioned that he was in stress full situations which forced him to commit suicide. The reason behind his negative decision was his bad grades as it was said his close courteous and they have added that he was in a critical situations, even he was starved for few days due to economical imbalance.

But the forensic reports are yet to come, which gives the complete information regarding his death in detail.

We know, it takes Hardship for our NRI students to survive in USA due to many different issues. But before you take a decision you could better speak up with your loved ones and think of their pain after your loss. We suggest you don’t take permanent decisions for temporary problems.