Rishiteswari Suicide case : G.Babu Rao was arrested in Rishiteswari Suicide case. He is the former principal of Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU) college of Architecture and Planning. He was sent to 14-days judicial custody on Wednesday. The former principal was accused for reportedly being reason for Rishiteswari suicide. Rishiteswari was a student of B.Arch first year at the AN university. Rishiteswari has committed suicide as she was harassed by her seniors in the college premises for longer days.

Rishiteswari has committed suicide by hanging to fan on July 14 2015 in her room at the girls hostel of the university. She has written a suicide later stating that she has been harassed by some of her college mates so she couldn’t take the pain anymore. Stating that words, she has committed suicide. She didn’t mention any of the names in the Suicide note but as per the evidences, police has arrested her senior students who allegedly subjected to rag her.

Rishiteswari Suicide case

Police has arrested three senior students, Dumpa Hanisha, Dharavath Jaicharan and Narala Srinivas on various sections. The 4th person in this case was then principal G.Babu Rao. Babu Rao was not arrested all these six months as there were no proper evidences.

Former Principal of ANU was arrested in Rishiteswari Suicide case

The Ex-Principal of ANU architecture college, G.Babu Rao was not sent to jail all these days as there were no cases against him. But now, after producing the principal videos of being close to the accused seniors in rave parties, he was arrested. Rishiteswari’s father, Murali krsihna reported that principal had refused to take serious action against the seniors who ragged his daughter. Photos and Videos of principal with the accused seniors became viral.

Rishiteswari Suicide case

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The court has given Non Bailable Warrant to G.Babu Rao, the former principal of ANU Architecture college. The family and friends of Rishiteswari are happy about the judgement and custody of Babu Rao was given to the police. After so many twists and turns in Rishiteswari case, the principal was arrested.