Rahul Gandhi receives death threat ahead of Puducherry rally

AICC General Secretary and also the Former Union Minister, Narayanasamy, told over a phone call that he have received an unsigned letter on 5th of May, 2016 in tamil, that mentioned a death threat towards Rahul Gandhi

The letter was received by a senior congress leader V Narayanaswamy which mentioned the threaten to kill Rahul Gandhi at an election meeting in Puducherry. The vice president of Congress is scheduled to address a public rally in Puducherry, where the assembly elections will be held on the 16th of May, 2016.

Rahul Gandhi with Stalin

Security to protect Mr. Gandhi:

After the letter was received, a congress delegation which consisted of Ahmed Patel, Polotical Secretary to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Treasurer Motilal Vohra and Congress Deputy leader in Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma met the home minister Rajnath Singh asking him to tighten the security of Rahul Gandhi due to the death threat.

The letter read,’Your party is responsible for closure of industries in Puducherry. We will attack you and your former Prime Minister’s son and be blasted while attending a meeting.’

Earlier, Rajiv Gandhi, father of Rahul Gandhi was also assassinated in a suicide bombing in the city Chennai, Tamil nadu in the year 1991, on 21st of May, before he was going to address a Lok Sabha election rally.

So, can we say that the history is repeating itself? Well, we don’t hope so.

And for this sake, Sonia Gandhi along with her two children, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have been given SPG protection, which means Special Protection Group, which is the highest level of security in the country, they will guard all the former prime ministers and their families. Along with this, they also want the Central Government to investigate the threats and find out the main culprit.