Vangaveeti Radha Movie First Look:RGV next project which is related Vijayawada rowdism and caste conflicts. He announced this project few days back through his twitter and he released first look poster of Vangaveeti Radha character in his movie. Again this became sensational among industry circles and audience.Few days back, he made sensational comments on Ranga, Radha on his twitter and stood as centre of attraction. Again now, with Radha still from his movie with a cigarette and coffee are sensational. Lets wait and see what RGV is going to do with his ideas and tactics. RGV is also planning Killing Veerappan in Hindi with International standards. Killing Veerappan has done well in Karnataka and few parts of AP & Telangana.


Here are a few striking first look stills of the actor who will be enacting the role of the firebrand leader from Vijayawada, Vangaveeti Radha, in eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Vangaveeti’ a tale of two brothers. RGV revealed his Vangaveeti actor and even tried to draw comparisons between the young actor and the assassinated leader.

While posting these photographs, RGV also recalled how Vangaveeti Radha used to smoke in the presence of his close confidants and his love for coffee. It is said that Vangaveeti Radha, brother of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, was killed by the Communists and Ranga took over his legacy and made indelible mark in Vijayawada politics.

Needless to say, RGV is spot on once again by casting a right face. This surely raised the expectations levels about the actor who will be playing the role of Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga.We know that Ram Gopal Varma films always create a mess in the industry before and after the releasing. For getting information about the movie that how much mess is going to happen with this Vangaveeti.