RIP RGV Pics: Ram Gopal Varma Shocking Reaction on Pawan Kalyan Fans, Pawan Kalyan Fans Posted a RIP RGV Photo in Groups and Posted that Must Share with all the fans and Comment RIP Ram Gopal Varma by Everyone. Ram Gopal varma sees that photos in internet that are went viral in Facebook and twitter from few days. Ram Gopal Varma finally Responds on Grammar mistakes made by Pawan Fans, but not about Photo.

RIP RGV Pics: Ram Gopal Varma Shocking Reaction on Pawan Kalyan Fans :-

RIP RGV Pics: Ram Gopal Varma Shocking Reaction on Pawan Kalyan Fans

RIP RGV pics spread across internet by Pawan Kalyan fans

The Pawan Kalyan fans started spreading the pics of RIP RGV across the social media.Pawan Kalyan fans had taken a step of spreading the pics which were written with a message “RIP RGV” which means rest in peace Ram Gopal Varma.

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Photos of RIP RGV on social media :

Pawan Kalyan fans kept the pics of Ram Gopal Varma which says RIP RGV. Now these pics became the news of the social media. These pics started spreading on the social network like a virus. Now these pics became the important topic on the social media.

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Why Pawan Kalyan fans did So About RGV ?

The Pawan Kalyan fans had lost their senses after looking at the comments which RGV made in his twitter account. RGV had made a comment regarding the number of followers which Pawan Kalyan have on twitter. He also kept a quiz that whether Mahesh Babu was a big star than Pawan Kalyan by indicating the number of followers which Mahesh Babu had on twitter. RGV said that Mahesh Babu had 9 lakhs followers on twitter while power Star Pawan Kalyan had only 6 lakhs. By looking at these comments which Ram Gopal Varma made, the Pawan Kalyan fans got angry on him and started posting his pics which said RIP RGV on the social media and started spreading them.

Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) Reactions About Pics Posted By Pawan Kalyan Fans :

RGV also made some comments regarding the English which Pawan Kalyan fans used on the pics. RGV posts on twitter in reply to his RIP RGV pics

RGV gave reply through twitter for the pics which were posted by Pawan Kalyan fans. He posted that :

    • Like I said this is reality of PK fans..hope they will get less uncivilized and his Twitter following will increase

                        English in this is proof of PK fans illiteracy ..More than help for farmers PK shud start schools for his fans


    • As a mega fan of PK my request to PK fans is to become literate nd not make him feel embarrassed about his own fans

          • U can kill me in thoughts but can’t kill my thoughts…illiterates nd technically handicapped ppl can’t understand.



  • As a Mega Power fan of PK fan,my request to all illiterate PK fans is to atleast learn from Mahesh fans

I request Mahesh fans to translate my English tweets as a social service to illiterates nd technically handicapped

I think more than for farmers PK shud work for the development of his fans..because farmers never bought his tickets