Rishiteswari’s Death is a Suicide? or a Murder?, The students of ANU and the student organisations are fighting for the justice in Rishikeshwari’s death.and the Students Created a Page named as We Want Justice for Rishiteswari Raise your Voice in Facebook and gets 15000+ likes with in short span of time.it’s time to fight whole world to Rishiteswari’s death and we should Kill Caste Feelings across state and country wide if any.Stop Ragging save lives. 

Rishiteswari's Death is a Suicide? or a Murder?
Rishiteswari’s Death is a Suicide? or a Murder?

Rishiteswari (B.Arch 1st year student in ANU) committed suicide because of ragging.Guys, Raise your voice

Rishiteswari’s Death is a Suicide? or a Murder?

Rishikeshwari’s sucide mystery was revealed and it was an unexpected shock behind her suicide.After a detailed inquiry by the cops the mystery behind the suicide was revealed.She has a habit of maintaing a dairy and that made easy to find the reason behind her suicide.The incident took place in Acharya Nagarjuna University in Guntur.

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The dairy revealed that she was being tortured by the seniors regularly and finally the torture went to peaks and forced her to walk in the corridor semi-nude.And that was captured by the senior girls in the camera and the video was passed on to other male senior students.

She mentioned in a note stating to her parents that ,not to feel sad about her and cry for her death and also added in the note to donate her body parts to the needy.She thanked her seniors Avinash, Lavanya, Deepa and Prasad for their support.She also added in the note to realize their mistake and not to harass any other student again.

The university students alleged that, the principal regularly organized parties, collecting the money from the students.They even presented a video of the principal, where he was spotted dancing with the girl students in the college. The students alleged that though he was informed about Rishikeshwari’s case several times, he did not react on the situation.The principal was suspended after the students complained against him.

The AISF strongly demanded the proper judgment in Rishikeshwari case. All the four students, who are alleged to be involved in the case were arrested along with the lecturer Sri Charan.

Along with the student organizations ANU students also joined in fighting for proper justice.There are also several allegations that Rishikeswari’s death is not a suicide but murder.

A page on the facebook with the name ‘We want justice for Rishikeshwari Raise Your Voice’ and through this people are raising several questions on this event.

This are the People who behind of rishitheswari’s Death case.Check the photos of them. ANU Students posted this pictures in that page.

Rishitheswari Death Case Victims Photos
Rishitheswari Death Case Victims Photos

The security was made tight by the cops in the University after the incident took place.The cops are not allowing any outsiders to enter the campus.The police are removing the caste society boards after Minister Ganta Srinivas Rao expressed apprehension over these boards in the campus and they are removed now following his instructions.