Roll Rida is taking the Telugu music world by storm. A Quality Analyst at Tech Mahindra, this 26-year old has been rapping for all the big music directors in T-town.It all started off during his junior days at CVR College of Engineering, when his seniors ordered him to rap a song everyday, after being impressed by his performance of ‘Papercut’ by Linkin Park.


His first break came when a video of his college band featured in a VH1 show, alongside the likes of Eminem and 50 Cent. He has then worked with music directors like Keeravani, SS Thaman and Anoop Rubens. His biggest project yet has been rapping for Pawan Kalyan in Gopala Gopala, an experience which he describes as “really challenging but also extremely rewarding.” He is the voice behind Akhil Akkineni in Manam, and Jr. NTR in Temper… both of which have become huge hits! Of late, he has sung again for Akhil’s Energy Song and for Chiranjeevi in Bruce Lee!

Roll Rida coming out with his own singles come out with this new Telangana Sankranthi special RAP Song  PATANG Create a History with that song in Youtube

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Presenting you Telangana Sankranthi special RAP Song – Paatang! This is the first RAP song on PAATANG presented by Rolling Reel. This amazing song will get you grooving to the mass beats. And for those of you who haven’t watched the most happening and trending song of the New Year from this side of the world, here it is

Watch ‘PATANG’ Official Music Video | Roll Rida & Kamran

Syed Kamran who is an up and coming music chief. Having been worked with the most well known Telugu motion pictures is likewise a free craftsman himself from hyderabad who has been highlighted on International music channels like MTV and VH1

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‪#Patang SONG has taken the city by storm! 1,00,000 views in just 4 days. It has secured no.1 spot on Youtube search. With more than double and triple the views, other videos have been ousted from their spot.

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Course : Shaan Abdul Wahab is from kerala. This is his first wander into tollywood. Have worked with every single real hit of Malayalam

DOP: Abhiraj Nair is a cinematographer. One of his music recordings was disclosed on VH1 and MTV globally.

Artitsts: Harish Koyalagundla, Bunny Varma, Sri Vidya, Vincent Praveen, Sunny Naveen, Harry Cena, Sai Krishna, Rohith Kesiraju, Sai Drifter, Moola Vinay Dutt Goud, Srikanth Varma, Manthena Venu, Venkat Nagapuri, Ramu Gunja, Bharat reddy, Kiran Nandi kanty, Shiva , Kaushik Ghantasala, Ganesh, Sridhar, Sambu, Lakshikanth, Yousuf


Its Roll Rida and Kamran
on the beat


Ranguladi rangu
Kite patangu
Keenchcut deal maar
Na manja strong

Anna anna please anna kannal zara kattanna
Sanal na friend anna chilkalguda star anna
Guddi langot namam daar
Guddu manja charminar
Sarang patang shop daggara landor esi gunjina sir
Yadagiri chicken curry goat curry anni ready
Pedda chakri pound patang geeti manja steady steady
Dinchi dinchi Pilainchi Cut chestha okkesari
Rowku kotti rowku kotti kite affa deithadi
Daaru baaru.. enduku dear..
Pakka Building mida pori chudu full matter
Audi caru..ayya software
Ninnane bandi mida tiriginam chekkarlu

Ranguladi rangu
Kite patangu
Keenchcut deal maar
Na manja strong

Auto johny chalo poni patang pothund follow kaani
ettu pothe ate poni, dorikevaraku pane pani
atla gitla uttigane raamu paisal isthene dhoom dhaam
jumpa lakidi kukalid dheem dhaam tuss
arey emaindi ra bhai katal padak nuvvu
poddigala patanglu ichinakada em chesinavu
sare sare… sare sare..poni anna uttiganna..
dil pe nakko le le anna.. manam manam dosthulam chettu mida kothulam..
dappan langot ey ra..
batch patang ey ra..
barel manja ey ra… pattuko patuko patuko..
affa affa .. ey ra..
kite affa.. e ra..
scene sitar.. chesi.. pattuko patuko patuko..

Ranguladi rangu fd
Kite patangu
Keenchcut deal maar
Na manja strong

ori vari, ne pori.. tintundi pani puri
em chestundi akkada nuvvu adugu okkasari
ninnane call chesi cheppindi ne story
iga lolli cheyyakunda velli nuvvu cheppu sorry
Hello baby, I’m just going crazy
What you doing over here? Do you come here daily?
Oh jeez
Stop acting please
You the one got all these Patang disease
I’m sorry baby, i was kiting may be
What’s your plan today in gonna set myself free
Cinema podama yes yes
Lunch podama yes yes
Park podama.. No

Okka nimisham aagu ma ayya phone chesthundu

Johnny Johnny johnny yes papa
Roaming on the roads no papa
Telling all the lies no papa
Get me a Patang hahaha..
Ikkada chusina Ekkada chusina patang pothundi ra.. Arey
Dhimmatirigi Mind block mari pandu gadila arey
Dapan langot namman daar Patang poind le
Porol vachi kolla gotti penche vese le
Salla padi tella pori manja iche le
Hey Kamran Emo beat matram gattiga vadile le

Ranguladi rangu fd
Kite patangu
Keenchcut deal maar
Na manja strong
Ranguladi rangu fd
Kite patangu
Keenchcut deal maar
Na manja strong