Anushka’s Rudhramadevi Movie Review & Rating, Live Updates – Box Office Collections,  Rudhramadevi Movie is hitting the Theaters on October 9th, 2015 in Telugu and Tamil Languages across Worldwide in 3D and 2D Screens.

Rudhramadevi Movie Rating

Rudhramadevi Movie Review & Rating, Live Updates – Box Office Collections :

Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Movie 2015 Review Rating in Telugu/ Hindi/ Kannada/ Malayalam :

Rudhramadevi Movie Starring Female Role Anushka Shetty as Heroine like a Rudhramadevi. and Allu Arjun and Rana Daggubati and other Actors are as Comedians and Main Roles. Rudhramadevi is an Telugu, Tamil historical film, based on the life of Rudrama Devi one of the prominent rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty in the Deccan Plateau, and one of the few ruling queens in Indian history. Rudhramadevi ( 3D & 2D) Movie is Directed by Gunasekhar and produced by Gunasekhar and Raagini guna. Story and Screenplay also did by Gunasekhar and Prodcution by Guna Team Works. Rudhramadevi Movie Songs and Music Was Composed by Ilaiyaraaja. Rudramadevi Movie is releasing on October 9th, 2015 in India in Telugu, hindi, Kannada Languages. In USA and other Countries Rudhramadevi 3D & 2D is Releasing on October 8th, 2015.

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Rudhramadevi Rating : 3.5/5 ( By )

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Sekhar Kammula Appreciates GunaSekhar Rudharmadevi Over Phone

Movie Was Nice and Really It’s Historic..

04 :50 AM : Rudhramadevi Battle Scenes and Dance Sets Superb. Rudhramadevi Climax has Ended up with National Quote. You Should Watch.

4:46am: This story is about determined women went through  all the struggles to save her people, save the culture and save Telugu Jaathi.

4:45am: For the one who ask what is the rating of Rudramadevi. .. don’t worry about it.. go and watch it. . Go along with the whole family..  go along with all your friends … Gona long with your colleagues and one and all… it is our movie … our Telugu Movie. . Movie showcasing the struggle an amazing women had to go through for us to retain our Telugu Culture as what it is today.

4:42am: Marco Polo has been closing the opening shot as the END of Rudhramadevi

4:36am: Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating has been approaching to closure..

4:32am: Too Much camera moments.. closeups and immediate aerial views creating bit of problem.

4:27am: Whole war episode could have been trimmed for better experience.

4:25am: Chalukya Veerabhadrudu is not seen on screen for sometime.

4:21am: Good twist. .. sort of predicted but adds needed climax emotion in the form of GONA GANNA REDDY.

4:17am: Snake formation of army and then Eagle formation of army has been shot best … animations put to BEST use in Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating.

4:15am: Gona Ganna Reddy entry again. .. Allu Arjun simply living his Charecter.

4:13am: War episodes has lots of people and animations as well but the war kind of emotion is still lacking…

4:10am: While grandier visuals make you visually surprised. .. situations where the actual Kingdom to be showcased  with great intensity were canned like documentary… had Guna Sekhar managed to do this right..  Rudhramadevi would have been a classic.

4:04am: Discussion between Chalukya Veerabhadrudu and Rudramadevi lacks the intensity.

4:02am: Deva Giri Mahadeva came back online and getting ready for war sequence.

4:00am: Rudhramadevi leaving the kingdom canned alright…

3:58am: Interesting turn in the movie… Anushka performance during the scene of Rajya bahishkarana is good.

3:57am: People revolt big time against having women as King…

3:53am: Anushka Shetty has the perfect physique to portray Princess role without any doubt. .. however making Rudramadevi Charecter dancing for joy song is tough to digest?

3:47am: Rudra Deva has been revealed into Rudramadevi…

3:46am: Madanika (Hamsa Nandini) reveals important secret to Suman & Aditya menon.

3:44am: Nithya Menon as Mukthaambaa is superb… episode between Wife Muktaamba. .. and husband Rudramadevi is sensible and emotionally very touching..

3:38am: Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating moved onto fight sequence between Chalukya Veerabhadrudu and Rudhramadevi.

3:34am: Rudhramadevi encouraging inter cast marriage..

3:33am: DIALOGUE: Gammununduvayya… Naast lekkha Naa ishtam.

3:31am: Gona Ganna Reddy been shown as villain character.

3:30am: With a romantic duet “Avuna” rudramadevi (Anushka) inspires veerabhadrudu to catch Gonna Ganna Reddy..

3:26am: Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating tempo is taking beating… Movie goes into peaks in no time and drops back to snail slowness in no time…. majorly showcasing the struggle Rudhramadevi had to face to create Telugu land as it is today.

3:22am: Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating bringing in forceful comedy and there comes … Deva Giri Mahadeva.

3:19am: Murali (Aditya) & Suman takes help of Madanika (Hamsa Nandini)..

3:18am: Started with not much appealing Marco Polo episode… moved on to the Hari Hara – Murari Devula politics to dethrone Ganapati Deva chakravarthi… whole episode of portraying girl child as boy and maintaining it till the whole episode  leading to marrying another women … the whole episode has one strong actually too entertaining Charecter GONA GANNA REDDY. ..

3:14am: Due to a sudden interruption by murali(aditya).. Veerabadrudu (Rana) tries to capture Gonna Ganna reddy… Interval..

3:08am: Women marrying women to ensure safety of people in the kingdom. .. to ensure safety of Telugu Tribe… way too much

02:54 AM : Time for the second song.. Anushka is showcased in a very sensuous way.

2:59 am: Hari Hara Devuddu continue to create troubles… suman is doing alright as Hari Hara Devuddu in  Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating.

2:54 Am: Romantic encounter between Rudramadevi and Chalukya Veerabhadrudu.

2:51 Am: Anushka Shetty seen as female with proper Princes attire for the first time within the Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating.

2:50 Am: Baba Sahgal.seen again screen.

2:49am: Daggubati Rana.Entry in the Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating as Chalukya Veerabhadrudu. quash with Gona Ganna Reddy.

2:47 Am: Nithya Menon shown as Muktaambaaa.

2:46 Am : Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating took huge POSITIVE turn.with entry of GONA GANNA REDDY.

2:43 Am : DIALOGUE: Eee stoopaalekkudu.eeepulu go kudu.eeeevemi pandalvayyaaa.

2:40 AM : Gona Ganna Reddy Charecter intro us simply superb and elevation of that Charecter is brilliant.

02:38 AM : Bunny Entry Super With Dialogues. Aaaat kummuthunadu alluarjun voice modulation dialogues

02: 37 AM : Gona Ganna Reddy Entry of Allu Arjun Now.

2: 32 A m: Anushka Shetty change of voice tone, change of facial expressions and change of attire to suite to Rudra Deva rather Rudhramadevi.

2: 31 AM : Tooo grandier  settings… too many character artists being part of the song presented Matha Gajame song.

02:30 AM : Time for Anushka’s introduction song.. Lavishly shot and looks like an eye feast..

2:21 Am: Interesting point … one person taking such a responsibility for the major part of life is not a joke .

2:19 Am: Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating presenting Anushka Shetty as Rudra Deva to maintain the royal Kingdom Rudramadevi continued to be projected to Kingdom as Rudra Deva Maharaju.

2:16 AM : Anushka Shetty entered into podium to fight the elephant. the whole fight canned well.

2:15 AM: Elephant Fighting scene is coming out alright … Rudra Deva Maharaju grown up.

2:13 AM: Baba Sahgal is shown as Naga Deva brother in law of Hari Hara Murari Deva.

2:12 AM : Ganapati Deva Maharaju been shown as not so strong character is not quite well.

02:05 AM : Srikanth’s son Roshan makes an entry as a young prince. Visuals effects and art work are very good.

01 :59 Am : Prakash Raj is seen as Siva Devayya Gary,  Rebel Star Krishnam Raju is seen as Ganapati Deva Maharaju. Just Now they Enters in Screen.

1:59 Am: There is quite a bit happening in screen… Prakash Raj is seen as Siva Devayya Gary, Rebel Star Krishnam Raju is seen as Ganapati Deva Maharaju.

1:58 Am: Too many animation scenes and total Marco Polo episode and introduction of Hari Hara Devuddu.

1:56 Am: Marco Polo introduced Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating.

1:54 Am: Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating started with background voice over of Megastar introducing Marco Polo.

01:53 Am : In Titles Mentioned, Special Thanks to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Ministers and chiru

01 :52 Am : Rudhramadevi Movie Started with Megastar Chiru Voice Over. Total Theater with Whistles. Stay Tuned For Rudramadevi Review, Rating.

01: 50 AM : Show Started. Started With Megastar Chiru Name.

01: 49 Am : Titles Rolled Out and Movie is 158 Mins Run time.

01 :48 Am : Audience welcomed a Guna Sekhar with shouts and whistles.

01:40 AM : Gunasekhar, Director Bobby, Dil Raju has Arrived and Enter into Theater for Special Premier Show.

01 :40 AM : Show Started in Sriramulu Theater, Hyderabad. Stay Tuned For Rudhramadevi Movie Review, Rating

01:31 AM : Welcome to You All the Readers of Rudhramadevi Movie Review & Rating

01:30 AM : It’s Time to Remove the Cloth on Screen.

01 :05 AM : Good Morning Viewers and Rudhramadevi Movie Fans, Rudhramadevi Movie Live Updates going to start in Minutes. Just came in and Fans are crazy with vistles.

Rudhramadevi (3D/ 2D) Movie Review & Rating :

Rudhramadevi Movie Story Plot : (Pre Review)

Rudhramadevi Movie Run Time Struck to 157 Mins 12 Seconds in 3D & 158 Mins in Rudramadevi 2D. Rudhramadevi Film Got Censor Certificate with U/A. The first shot was shot at the Thousand Pillar Temple in Warangal. Rapper Baba Sehgal was roped in by director Gunasekhar for a role. Vikramjeet Virk, who earlier played a negative role in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey (2010) and in Puri Jagannadh’s 2014 film Heart Attack, will be seen playing a negative character called Mahadeva Nayakadu.

Rudhramadevi Movie Cast & Crew :

Anushka Shetty as Rudrama Devi ,Allu Arjun as Gona Ganna Reddy, Rana Daggubati as Chalukya Veerabhadra,Vikramjeet Virk as Mahadeva Nayakudu, Krishnam Raju as Ganapati Devudu, Prakash Raj as Shiva Devaiah, Suman as Hari Hara Devudu, Adithya Menon as Murari Devudu, Brahmanandam as Raghupati Veera Raju, Nithya Menen as Muktamba, Aditi Chengappa as Ganalamba, Catherine Tresa as Annambika, Hamsa Nandini as Madanika, Ajay as Prasadaditya, Baba Sehgal as Naga Devudu, Ahuti Prasad as Kota Reddy, Venu Madhav as Tittibi
Prabha as Somamba, Tanikella Bharani, Krishna Bhagavaan, L.B. Sriram, Madhumitha, M. S. Narayana, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Brahmaji.

Rudhramadevi Movie Story & Review :


Rudhramadevi Movie Plus PointsAllu Arjun, Anushka Nitya Menon, Dance Sets

RudhramaDevi Movie Negative Points :

2nd Half, Long and lengthy scenes, Speed Breaking Songs.

Rudhramadevi Movie 3D & 2D Visual Effects & Technical Analysis :

Visual Effects and Sets Awesome.

Rudhramadevi Movie Final Word/ Verdict :

100% Watchable with Family, You will See the Twists and Wonderful Sets.

Rudhramadevi Movie Review :


Rudhramadevi Movie Rating (Telugu) : 3.5/5

Rudhramadevi Movie Rating ( Hindi ) : —-/5

Rudhramadevi Tamil Movie is Going to Hit the theaters on October 16, 2015 Due to Some Production/ Dubbing Problems. Stay Tuned Here For Rudhramadevi movie 1st Day, 2nd day, 3rd day and 1st weekend Box Office Collections World Wide Gross Here.

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