Salman Khan’s ‘Kick 2’ to Hit big Screen in 2017

Bringing the earlier speculations regarding the Salman Khan Kick 2 movie to live, the famous Bollywood Director and the Producer has revealed that, they have been working on the story of the Kick 2 in which it is said that Slaman Khan will be acting in the lead role. This Bollywood actor’s Kick 2 flick is said to hit the screen on 2017 as per the director.

The directional venture of the Sajid Nadiadwal’s Kick movie in Hindi was the official remake of the Telugu Film with the same name. Same Salman Khan has acted in this action movie along with Jacqueline Fernandez which is a blockbuster hit movie for Salman in Bollywood.

Salman Khan’s ‘Kick 2’ to Hit big Screen on 2017

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Sajid about the Kick 2 Hindi Movie

Sajid has told to PTI that, there were still in the writing i.e., in the stage of the scripting and this movie would most likely to happen in the next year i.e., in 2017. He also added that, there is a pressure for them on this movie but, that they were working really hard on the script.

Salman Khan has played the Devi Lal Singh role in the Kick who was a intelligent as well as adventurous man and who always will be looking for Kick in his life.

Slaman Khan has himself announced that, the sequel movie of Kick i.e., Kick 2 will be having a completely fresh pairing and that Jacqueline will be replaced in the movie i.e., Jacqueline will not be a part of the Kick 2. He also added that, they are in search of someone else in place of Jacqueline which left her shocked and surprised hearing that from the salman at a recent awards show. Jacqueline also reacted to that statement given by Salman and said that, working for Kick is an amazing experience for her and also thanked Salman for making her a apart of the movie also added that, if not Kick 2, there will be other movies with him.

So, audience and fans of Slaman have to wait till 2017 for the Kick 2 movie.