Sardaar Gabbar Singh Dialogues Leaked in Social Media

Sardaar Gabbar Singh movie is in the news every now then in recent times. Now the recent news is that the movie dialogues leaked in the social media which are related to the sensational Kapu reservation protest which led to the burning of police station and train in Tuni.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie New Year Teaser to Be Out on January 1st

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Pawan Dialogues on Kapu community in Sardaar Movie

The latest news is that Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming movie Sardaar Gabbar Singh would be having a dialogues based on the Kapu community. Pawan kalyan himself has written the dialogue “Nenu Kapuvanni…. Kapu Kasevanni….” and it is said by the Pawan in the movie.

Whether Pawan Kalyan really said this controversial dialogue or not is yet to be confirmed, this dialogue from the movie is going viral in social media.

Pawan Kalyan had arranged a press meet after the allegation of the Kapu reservation protest in Tuni and he stated some words which are invited fire in the some Kapu sections. In fact, Pawan Kalyan had hurt some sections of Kapu community with his recent comments that he does not represent Kapus alone and he never stated so. Though Pawan Kalyan has been saying this from longtime but the statement given at the time where Kapus are expecting a good response from the actor raised fire from some hard Kapu leaders and followers.

At present, rumor has been spreading with liking this and speculating that Pawan Kalyan would be delivering a dialogue on Kapu community as a move to control the damage.

If this is going to happen, then definitely it is a trigger for the new controversies and may further widen the gap between the castes. Other sections or communities other than Kapu may get fire. So, it is good if the rumor will be false.