Scientist Finds Way To Make HIV Vaccine Effective, another vaccine to cure HIV, scientists discover protein to control the HIV virus.

Researcher’s in New York has discovered a vaccine that can cure HIV effectively. A protein that will effectively prevent from the transmission of virus. One of the researchers among them was an Indian Scientist.

Scientist Finds Way To Make HIV Vaccine Effective

Scientist Finds Way To Make HIV Vaccine Effective

The protein discovered by them is called as Polyglutamine-binding protein 1 (PQBP1). This protein acts as a sensor to recognize the virus that will initiates as immune that will respond to the virus. The protein will also helps the immune system maintain its health. The testing results have shown an excellent promising results.

After coming in contact with the virus, the protein starts a program that enables the protective environment against the virus and prevent infection. This results in decrease the production of the virus-specific antibodies that would rapidly grow.

Current approaches to HIV vaccine developed so far does not show the effective results against the HIV virus. This is partly because of the lack of an effective vaccine adjuvant. But the protein that is been going to develop contains the asjuvant which helps in the better improvement of the results.

HIV Vaccine Made Effective:

The design of this drug creates the interface between HIV and PQBP1  allow an HIV vaccine to more effectively re-create the immune environment. The researchers have told that their study identifies a promising results and from this they can develop the vaccine that can show the better results on the HIV virus effected people.

The researchers have told that very soon the vaccine will be available to public. Some more tests are going on this and the vaccine is being developed for the HIV people. The World Health Organisation told that the clinical tests are going on but so far effective results haven’t been showed.